We offer to entrepreneurs starting their business and small proprietors the possibility to have an office without spending a penny on its furnishing or hiring of a secretary.
He or she will be able to use an equipped workplace in our office just as much as needed – even for only a couple of hours per day. An experienced secretary who speaks foreign languages will be at his or her disposal to arrange and solve any issues or problems.
The pigeonhole service includes using of postal address, telephone and fax number, as well as of e-mail address. An entrepreneur who needs not to miss any information sent to him or her, will definitely receive the information. We will gather any information received via mail, telephone, e-mail or fax, and pass it over to the addressee.

We offer various secretarial services:

For the time when your secretary – the artery of your office – is not present, and there is quite a mess during her or his absence, we offer substitute secretaries to alleviate your workload also at such moments.
A secretary may also take a sick leave, or attend various training courses or seminars, and of course, the secretary also needs vacation once a year.

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